Our Journey


I was a fulltime carer for my mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2007.  In October 2010 she suffered from a major stroke. At the current time, I believed that I was coping well, but my hair told me a different story.

Firstly I had like a massive coverage of like welded together dandruff. I went to the chemist and was given some medicinal shampoo. After using this for a couple of weeks my symptoms disappeared. Then a week later the welded together dandruff came back along with like water blisters.

An appointment was made with my GP and a referral was made to see a Dermatologist.  The Dermatologist was not that helpful all they said really was its caused by stress and that it may not grow back. They recommended Regaine for men which is something that you have to use forever, as once you stop use your hair falls out. This was not an option for me. They also prescribed me steroid cream which may or may not help.

I picked up the prescription but did not use it as my scalp was tender enough and  I was not the slightest bit interested in using a steroid on my already sensitive scalp.

The research began; my thoughts were that there has to be an alternative way to grow back my hair without using steroids or the Regaine for men that I would have to use for life.

I went to the library and searched the internet to listen to seminars etc. Ta-dah! I found a natural remedy that grew back my hair. From then my Husband asked me to make something for his arthritis in his knee and I developed a skin cream. After came, an Eczema cream, which I made for family and friends suffering from eczema. When mother was bedridden and was getting bed sores I mixed up oils which helped immensely. The rest is history as different situations popped up so did a new product.

The products I was making were helping so many people and with the encouragement of family & friends, FEWL was eventually launched.